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Group Volunteers

Here are a few ideas for fun fundraisers that you and your friends can do on your own to help the homeless animals at the HSYC:

Bake Sale, Book Sale or Yard Sale

Ask 3-4 friends to help with a bake sale, book sale, or yard sale. You and your friends bake the goodies, or get the books or the other stuff required for the sale, staff it, and clean up after the sale.  This is an excellent way to get people involved in fundraising without ever actually asking them for money.  This opportunity is great for scout troops and credits for school clubs.

Change for Change

Ask all your friends, family, and classmates to save all their change for 3-5 months.  Then cash it in and donate the money.

Have Friends and Family Bring HSYC Wish List Items to Your Gathering

Send out a flier to everyone in your neighborhood that you would like wish list items for the Humane Society of York County and what day you will be around to pick up their donations, don’t forget to list suggested items to donate.  Check out our wish list to see items we need on a daily basis.

Have fun coming up with other fund raising ideas, and remember this is YOUR fundraiser.  You will be responsible for the organization, production and cleanup.  Make sure you have enough people to accomplish what you plan to do.  Your help is needed by our puppies and kitties.

Pressure Washing

Periodically our facility needs a deep cleaning to pressure wash all of the kennels in the large dog room. This is a great opportunity to gather a small team and work for about a half day to help keep our facility clean and sanitized. We schedule this during a time when we take most of our dogs off-site for special events. In addition to the volunteer time, we also need an electric pressure washer to use for this as well. (It cannot be gas due to our closed environment.)

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  • Select the Humane Society of York County and raise funds as you walk!!!

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