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PAWSibilities Thrift Store


2144 Carolina Place, Fort Mill, SC 29708

Adjusted Shopping Hours:

  • Wednesday thru Saturday noon to 4pm

Donation Drop-Off Hours

Donated items are highly preferred during our regular business hours, especially, if you wish to receive a tax-deductible donation receipt. If you drop off items during non-business hours, we kindly request that you protect any items (such as placing in plastic bags) that may get damaged due to rain or inclement weather. Any damaged items will be disposed of.

Donated Items

Note that we of course appreciate donations, but are unable to accept certain items for various reasons:

  • Dirty and damaged furniture and clothing; these items cost money (and volunteers' time) to dispose of. Please use common sense and your best judgement.
  • Large appliances; we do not currently have space for these items in our facility.
  • Outdated TVs, metal desks, and encyclopedias; unfortunately there is no market for reselling these items.
  • Infant products; these items may have possible recall issues.
  • Open cosmetics, chemicals, foods, and weapons; these items may be unsanitary and have safety issues.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation! 

  • CSC Serviceworks
    CSC Serviceworks
  • Shutterfly
  • Healthy Pets Rock Hill
    Healthy Pets Rock Hill
  • SnipWell
  • Carolina Place Animal Hospital
    Carolina Place Animal Hospital
  • Select the Humane Society of York County and raise funds as you walk!!!

  • Volunteer Pet Photographer
    Volunteer Pet Photographer

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