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Happy Tails

A Perfect Fit for Onyx

After 489...that's right...489 days in the shelter, Onyx was adopted!!!

Overlooked and overlooked, while adored by staff and volunteers, Onyx spent 489 total days at HSYC. Then, just like that, her dad saw her on the Internet, came in, fell instantly in love, and from home visit to comfy in her new home on the couch, was 3 hours. Her new dad just couldn't WAIT to get her home. He and his young son absolutely love her ,and we do too. Happy Tails, Happy Life, Happy Happy sweet girl!! We love you!!!

"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever."

Gracie Goes Home!!

Gracie came to HSYC as a stray in April of 2017. Easily frustrated in her kennel, over time she learned through the love and patience of staff and volunteers better ways to funnel her frustrations. Off site and out of her kennel, Gracie was an absolute doll baby. Gracie was looked over again and again...for 8.Long.Months...Gracie stayed at HSYC while other dogs came and went. It just broke the hearts of those who loved her at HSYC to see Gracie not adopted. But ONE NIGHT a dedicate volunteer took Gracie for a sleepover and out and about on the town. While they were out, Gracie met who would later be her parents. A couple saw Gracie out in Charlotte with volunteer Danielle, and they came to the shelter and put in an application to adopt Gracie. Gracie went home...how special...Christmas Eve. Fitting for a doll who stayed so long, patiently and sometimes not so patiently, at the shelter.

This is Gracie with her new Brother Jett. They are so excited to have each other. And WE are so happy for Gracie. Happy Tails, Happy Life, Happy World baby girl.

Mystic and Sugar-Sweet Sisters

An update/check in on Mystic and Sugar from their parents!!

"We got our black cat Mystic in Dec of '04 and our Tabby Sugar in Aug of '05 from y'all. My hubby wanted to get a cat and I wasn't a huge fan bec I have never been around cats. Needless to say they won me over! They were our first babies and are the best big sisters! We couldn't imagine our family w/o our girls!! This picture was just taken as our annual picture. Thanks again for all you do!"

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