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We exist to prevent animal suffering, to reduce animal overpopulation by promoting spaying and neutering, to educate the public about animal welfare, and to place adoptable animals in loving homes. With your support, we are making a difference every day.
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Happy Tails

Miss Cleo

She is doing amazing, she loves to lay on my bed by the window all day and snuggle at night time. Every few hours she gets the zoomies and runs around my apartment and then goes back to sleep, its so cute! She has truly come out of her shell and will come when you call her to snuggle. Some nights she will sleep at the foot of my bed but most nights she sleeps right on my chest or stomach! I wanted to thank you all again for giving me the chance to love such a great cat!


We renamed Delight to Pippa Olive Oliverio!! My husband and I both love her very much. She’s so sweet. Loves cuddles, but also likes being on her own on a bed somewhere. Still loves her food!! She has been working from home with me and has made an excellent co-worker! Ha! I’m so grateful to have Pippa. She’s perfect for us and is a perfect fit in our home. We think she likes it here, too! ❤️


We got Nana (who was previously called Hannah) over a year ago now, and we could not be happier. She brings so much joy and love into our home, and she’s even an official emotional support animal. She loves to play, snuggle on the couch and put her cute head on my lap, and try to do yoga with me. She will go on runs with me and play-wrestle with my husband. She’s interested in everything and never fails to be the life of the party. At our old place where we lived, I taught her how to go down the slide. At first she was scared and held onto me, but then she was able to slide down herself. So, whenever we walked by the playground and no one was on it, we’d run over to the slide and slide down together. My husband and I love Nana. She adjusted so well so and so fast. She’s goofy and so smart at the same time. She adapts to routines and scenarios so quickly but will also get so excited that she runs into things. We love her so much. I can’t believe we found each other. Thank you for allowing us to, HSYC.

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