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Foster a Pet

Why Foster?

Foster homes provide a temporary home for cats and dogs that cannot immediately enter our rescue facility.

FOSTERING SAVES LIVES! You have heard this phrase, but what does it mean? Why is fostering so critical?

Dogs, especially puppies and older dogs, often are not physically strong enough to enter the rescue. The animal may be too young, too weak or not immunized. During this foster period, animals receive at home care until they are brought to the rescue facility. Once back at the rescue they can be adopted! If the HSYC does not have a foster that is willing to take in the animal(s), then the HSYC cannot save them!

Fostering is selfless. It is a special opportunity to help a dog, cat, puppies or kittens have a chance at life. Trust us, you will fall in love with your fosters, but know that each animal you foster will go on to a loving home. The more volunteers that foster, the more animals WE CAN SAVE. Though it is difficult to give them up at the end of the foster period, each foster makes a huge impact on that dog or cat's life.

Fosters Needed!

You can foster puppies, kittens, dogs or cats; long-term or short-term. Foster volunteer commitments range from 10 days + (depending on the circumstances). We ask that you keep the pets as long as it takes to ensure their good health and adoptability.

We provide everything you need to foster—crates, bedding, bowls, food, leash and collar.

Fostering is fun & rewarding and the best part is YOU ARE SAVING LIVES!

These are typical foster care situations:


  • Too young to be kept in the shelter, such as:
    • Mama cats with kittens too young to be placed for adoption
    • Kittens without a mother cat who are in need of bottle feeding
    • Kittens who are beyond bottle feeding, but still need several weeks in a home before they are old enough to be put up for adoption
    • Young puppies with or without the mama dog; puppies need 2-week fosters after their first vaccinations
  • Animals (mostly seniors) we pull from Animal Control on the "put-to-sleep" list (Typically need 2-week fosters).


  • Adult dogs that need socializing because they have become stressed and depressed from being at the shelter for too long.
  • Senior and special needs cats and dogs that require special medical care and are in need of "Fospice" Care.

We also partner with other rescues in the interest of SAVING PET LIVES from our local Animal Control.

  • Shutterfly
  • Healthy Pets Rock Hill
    Healthy Pets Rock Hill
  • SnipWell
  • Carolina Place Animal Hospital
    Carolina Place Animal Hospital
  • Select the Humane Society of York County and raise funds as you walk!!!

  • Springs Close Foundation
    Springs Close Foundation

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