Spay & Neuter Service Information

HSYC is dedicated to stopping the over population of canines & felines in our community. So often people cannot afford to have this service done and HSYC is committed to helping. These Low Cost Programs are subsidized solely by the HSYC, your local no kill independent non profit.  

HSYC Spay / Neuter Low Cost Programs include: 

Feline Spay / Neuter Clinic - $30. Contact Carolina Place Animal Hospital (CPAH) and mention the HSYC Cat Clinic at 803-547-3547

As of Jan 2019, HSYC is adding a Low Cost Canine Spay / Neuter Clinic

Added options are available such as a Rabies Vaccination for an added $9.90. 

HSYC is proud to partner with CPAH to support our local community with future hopes to include other area veterinarian partnerships. 

Low Cost Canine Spay / Neuter Clinic: Please call us to discuss details for having your canine(s) spayed or neutered:  803-547-7297 (PAWS)

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