Millie "Jessica" is getting ready for Christmas. You guys were right about her, she is perfect! We love our girl!


After being seized from a hoarding situation by Animal Control, Delaney was at our rescue for 5 weeks undergoing treatment due to neglect. When Delaney was finally ready for adoption, he hit the jackpot with his new family! They take him everywhere and, as you can tell from this picture, he is spoiled and deserves every bit of it!!

"This is Winston Shugart(you know him as Delaney) we adopted him from y'all back in August this year. He's the love of our life and we thank you for all you do for each animal."


After being at the rescue for 2 years, Winnie finally found her forever home!! Winnie's parents are just absolutely in love with her and the resident cat in the home is starting to accept her as well!

"She's great! She's very loving and has started to join the daily routine. She's finally coming upstairs to the main floor and she now has free roam of the house, even when we're not home. I'm hoping she and Shiloh will be buddies soon. They sniff noses with no hissing so that's encouraging!"

We are so blessed that Winnie is now in a loving home!

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