Happy Tails for Rilley!

Have had sweetie for over a week, maybe two and wanted to share a few pics of her.


This is her in position letting me know she's ready for her massage. (see pictures attached)


This is her "baby got back" pic


One of her favorite hang outs.

On my bed doing what she does best.

She loves to play with ring from cap on milk jug. I'm learning her personality, what she likes and definitely what she doesn't. Every time my son came home from work, first thing he did was say hi to her and scratch her neck. Now when he lays on couch to watch football, she sleeps on his chest. She meows a few common sounds, but yesterday she twilled. Not all cats do this, but my last cat, Elvis, twilled. She makes biscuits with her paws all the time. I read it means a cat is happy if they do.

Thank you to all I got to interact with when picking out Sweetiepie. You ladies were great.

Iona C Kranz