Foster Volunteers

Do you want to HELP us SAVE LIVES?! If so, sign up to be a FOSTER PARENT today!


So often FURbabies are brought to us but we are unable to take them into the shelter instead WE NEED FOSTERS! Some of the pets that we receive are too young to be kept in the shelter and others just need some socialization before being placed for adoption. We are also partnering with other rescues in the interest of SAVING PET LIVES from our local Animal Control. 


All pets deserve a chance and FOSTERING is the SOLUTION by offering a stable home, giving love, attention, socialization and training so that the pet(s) can cope with their new environment!


Following are some examples of pets that need fostering:

  • Mama cats with kittens too young to be placed for adoption
  • Kittens without a mother cat who are in need of bottle feeding
  • Kittens who are beyond bottle feeding, but still need several weeks in a home before they are old enough to be put up for adoption
  • Young puppies with or without the mama dog
  • Adult dogs that need socializing because they have become depressed from being at the shelter


Foster volunteer commitments range from 10 days +(depending on the circumstances).  We ask that you keep the pets, as long as, it takes to insure their good health and adoptability.  Fostering is fun & rewarding and the best part is YOU ARE SAVING LIVES!


You can fill out our Foster application and Foster Questionnaire, scan them and email. Our foster coordinator will be in touch promptly to get you started on an adventure of your life! You will need to take our Foster class which is referenced on our Event calendar. If you aren't comfortable with emailing your information, please bring your completed form and questionnaire with you to our next fostering class. We will get you started right away!